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knee support

How Ebene’s Products and Technology can help You

Ebene Malaysia has been present for many years, plus their presence has been proven significant to create a direct impact on the general public wellness. Ebene concentrates on selling products that were created to promote oxygen and blood flow, which will ultimately produce a bettered state of health. 

Ebene has its own effective technology that can make healing possible without consuming the medication. This technology is addressed as Bio-Ray, where every single one of its products has the ability to transmit energy deep on the flesh and bone for healing purposes. This energy warms up the spot to boost the flow of blood

Ebene Knee Brace

We should now zoom right into the product itself. Basically, Ebene offers products which can be utilized in many areas of the body. However, the top-selling item is certainly Ebene’s knee brace. This product is effectively designed to provide support on your knee to people patients recovering from surgery & more. 

One of the several key parts of the item is definitely the adjustable strap. It’s wisely made in a way to make certain that the goods fit anybody whatever their body size. Daily utilization of Ebene’s knee support will help you to improve the circulation of blood within the knee area, thus effective to lessen swelling. 

Ebene Ankle Guard

knee brace

Next, there is the ankle guard. The equipment is developed for people experiencing discomfort within the ankle. Hence, it’s perfect to be utilized by athletes, particularly those involved in the categories of sports that really need numerous feet movement including the marathon, football, along with basketball. 

With the knowledge that consumers are going to wear the product regularly that allows you to gain the most gain from it, Ebene has intentionally come up with the product which includes a washable material. In order to preserve the pad, you’re advised to only use a mild detergent to clean & avoid extreme rubbing. 

Ebene Compression Socks

If you are seeking for any something that provides the same benefit as having a foot massage, then Ebene comes with the answer. Obtainable in 2 colors that are suitable for each of both ladies and men, Ebene’s compression sock would bring wonderful benefits. By wearing these, you will feel just as getting your feet massaged. 

Ebene’s foot massage sock is certainly the most versatile product the manufacturer has. This is true for the fact that it could be worn by anyone from all walks of life at any function! Whether you are having a long drive or sit around in the workplace writing reports, Ebene’s compression sock is an ideal companion. 


In conclusion, you can be assured that Ebene works hard to supply you with the greatness of a traditional medicinal practices concept in modernized and incredibly practical products. Because it now sells knee guards, wrist guards, plus more, we anticipate seeing more awesome new products coming where everyone can get most from

Make Your Recruitment Process More Enjoyable

Change up the way you employ with Jobstreet.

Everybody is well aware that coordinating an organization has its challenges, and driving it to the peak is much more intense. You can find many different of components that define a very good business including implementing the most suitable strategy, timing, product offering, as well as your targeted audience.

The heart of a well streaming business depends upon its team players. Having an all rounded team is definitely the solution to use. Deploying individuals that entail different skills and talents are required to uphold a self-sufficient business. When you have a competent team in addition to a good mindset, alleviating any barriers will be of ease. Your recruitment process needs to be efficient and Jobstreet can help you in doing so.

Make it simple

The staffing procedure is a lengthy and twisting route, particularly for engaging with managers prior to the rise of technology. Employment relied on word of mouths, advertising boards and then later, commercials in newspapers. Managing the databases of prospective personnel had also been confusing as resumes were written on paper previously, rendering it difficult to gain access to and coordinate applications.

The introduction of computers and internet provides us a hope while finding individuals. These days, online recruitment enables you to reach a broader scope of persons, global. Furthermore, it deflates time constraints, cuts back cost and minimizes wastage of resources.

History of Jobstreet

In 1997, Mark Chang Mun Kee launched Jobstreet in Malaysia. The firm has grown into one of Asia’s biggest online job search websites, and at the moment serving roughly 80 thousand employers and 11 million job hunters by helping to ease the communication and harmonizing of job opportunities between talent and recruiters.

Do it their way

For its valued customers, Jobstreet provides the superb assistance. Using the website internet site, job hunters can build a professional profile and find ideal job openings. Organisations, on the other hand, post job ads by way of integrated sourcing to obtain and engage with prospective talents. While expecting responses from the job ads, executive managers can also try to find the most qualified workforce with Jobstreet’s talent search service.

Having its vast database, advanced candidate filtering system, and sophisticated communication tools, Jobstreet has transformed how we hire. The recruitment process for your perfect talent for the business is now better than ever.

Jobstreet first established its head office in Malaysia, and then in 2014, it was taken over by SEEK Limited, internet recruitment company located in Australia. It has since spread to Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Hong Kong. The common goal of the business is to effectively match prospects with employers of excellent repute across the region.

Hire an ideal talent for your team by visiting Jobstreet website at for employers now.

recruitment jobstreet singapore

Your Best Chance at Recruiting Top Performing Talents

Acquire your talents the Jobstreet’s way

Most people are aware that harmonizing an enterprise has its hardships, and driving it to its peak is a great deal more excruciating. You will find some of the components that make up a profitable business including implementing the appropriate strategy, timing, product offering, and also your targeted audience.

The journey to prevailing a small business is not smooth-sailing. One critical area of a prosperous organization is to build the top affiliates. Accompanied by a great team, issues could just be cured or maybe averted. When you’ve got a pool of individuals having exceptional skills and individual triumphs, you’re a step closer to the flourishing of your respective business enterprise.

recruitment jobstreet singapore

Recruitment is often tricky, especially for recruitment managers ahead of the continuing development of technological innovation. Word-of-mouth, advertising boards and then later, postings in newsprint were the only way of employment. Managing the database of possible employees was also challenging as resumes were created on paper in the past, making it hard to access and organize applications.

Then again, with the coming of computers and the internet, less attention is being put on the conventional candidate selection process. In current established order, enterprises can potentially interact with audiences internationally. E-Recruitment decreases time loss and minimizes cost, and minimizes environmental waste!

Mark Chang Mun Kee established Jobstreet in Malaysia in 1997. The business has become one of Asia’s popular online career platform, and presently facilitates around 80 thousand corporate entities and 11 million job searchers by aiding in facilitating the communication and matching of career prospects between human resource executives and talent.

Jobstreet offers a complete set of professional services to the valuable users. It helps people looking for work to build a user profile and check for careers on its site. With integrated sourcing, job advertisements are provided by business employers to obtain and form a communication with right applicants. By employing Jobstreet’s talent search service, seeking out the suitable candidate from the region’s vast data source has never been easier.

The hiring process evolves for the better because of Jobstreet. Today, with more extensive data pools, advanced employee filtering systems, and optimized communication tools, the process of recruiting the perfect talent for the firm is more seamless than ever.

Jobstreet established its headquarters in Malaysia and had since expanded its target users to Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, as well as Hong Kong at present. The organization aims to lift true potential by pairing great professionals with firms across the region.

Looking into finding driven and efficient people to increase your team’s performance? Visit as your ultimate talent acquisition solution now.