4 Foods With Hidden Lactose

4 Foods With Hidden Lactose

March 6, 2019 Off By MH

A person with lactose intolerance is someone that can’t digest lactose, the main carbohydrate in dairy products, due to the lack of the enzyme lactase. This digestive disorder causes symptoms like bloating and diarrhoea when consuming foods that contain lactose.

Lactose is mostly present in dairy foods like cow’s milk and ice-cream, but they can also be found in other foods that have some form of dairy as an ingredient.

It can be challenging as a person with lactose intolerance, as lactose is more prevalent in foods than you think. There are many hidden sources of lactose in foods that you will never expect:


If you think you’re safe from medicines, both prescription and over the counter, think again. Many drugs such as birth control pills and vitamin D tablets have lactose as it acts as a filler and improves the drug’s bioavailability. Most birth control or Vitamin D pills have a tiny fraction of lactose, but some people can tolerate it just fine.

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Salad dressings

Lactose is usually added into salad dressings to enhance their texture and taste. Low-fat versions of salad dressing usually also have more lactose to make it up for the lack of fat. However, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid salad dressings forever, as you can use standard vinaigrettes.


People usually assume that alcohol doesn’t contain lactose, but that’s not always the case. There are liquors with a milky base that may cause some problems to people with lactose intolerance. Similar to food labels, you should also check the labels on an alcoholic drink just to be safe.

Instant coffee and soups

The reason why instant coffees and soups are instant is because of lactose’s rapid dissolvability. It makes the food or drink you dissolve by stirring quickly and gives you flavour and texture to your food.


If you’re a person with lactose intolerance or have a family member that suffers from the digestive disorder, it’s wiser to shop and cook your own meals. You have more control over your food choices, and it’s less risky.

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