Go on a Vacation and Leave Your Home Worry-free With These Tips

Go on a Vacation and Leave Your Home Worry-free With These Tips

August 9, 2018 Off By MH

Imagine this: You’re finally on your way to a much-deserved vacation with your loved ones. You make your way to the airport when suddenly, you can’t remember if you locked your doors! Now you’re unsure if you should turn back or board the plane with these worries in your head.

At times like these, you would wish that you have home insurance to keep your home safe.

It’s normal to forget and make mistakes when you’re excited about a trip, but you should be extra careful especially when you’re leaving your house unoccupied for at least a few days.

Make sure your house is secured while you aren’t around with this ultimate checklist!

1. Be prepared

Even if you have an alarm system installed or live in a friendly neighborhood, you don’t want to take risks.

Before your trip, test your alarms and security. Inform neighbors that you can trust that you will be away so they can look out for your home. Ask them to pick up newspapers, so it doesn’t look like you’re not at home. You can also consider using a lighting system that switches on and off lights to give an impression that people are in the house.

If it’s impossible for you to leave your home empty, you can opt for a house sitter to take care of your house.

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2. Don’t forget about your plants

Let’s say you’re leaving for an overseas trip for more than a week. How do you keep your flowers watered and alive?

Installing a water sprinkler is a choice if you can afford it. You can schedule the system to water your plants at a specific time frame such as twice a week or every day. Using a water irrigation system helps you save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Or, you can just ask the help of your neighbors or family and friends to water your plants.

3. Turn off everything

This is an excellent habit to have even when you’re leaving your house for a while: shut down all water supplies and turning off everything.

There’s no point in leaving everything on when there’s nobody at home. Not only does it harm the environment, but you’re also increasing your water and electricity bills!

Turning off everything also reduces the chances of a leaking pipe or power outage from happening.

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4. Take care of your pets

It’s hard to part with your pet friends, but sometimes, it’s not possible to bring them with you everywhere.

If you own a dog or a cat, you can leave them to pet boarding services. There are also pet sitters you can hire to take care of both your pet and your house.

Be sure to inform the person everything about your pet such as its habits and its favorite treat or toys!

Travel with peace of mind!

It’s understandable that you’re excited to get on a vacation, but it’s worth all the time and effort to prepare your house before you leave. With your home safe and sound, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip more!

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