Keep Yourself On The Ball With AIG Malaysia’s New Insurance Services Offers

Keep Yourself On The Ball With AIG Malaysia’s New Insurance Services Offers

February 27, 2019 Off By MH

Being one of the pioneers of insurance services in Malaysia more than Six decades, AIG serves the citizens by giving quality delivery with references to insurance and risk management solutions. Since the day the foundation is laid down in 1953, AIG’s consistent development generated a steady development in its own network of agents, brokers, and schemes, with now over 15 offices opened across the country.

Personal Insurance

auto insurance

AIG knows well that in working with the uncertain future, absolutely nothing more reassuring than having proper insurance ready. So, they’ve offered different types of packages that has to be able to serve both companies’ and individuals’ needs.

When acquiring assets that include homes and cars, the authority makes insurance purchase mandatory to be certain that the public can safeguard themselves during mishaps. In the event that customers decide to buy car and thus an auto insurance from AIG, they are going to in a position to enjoy maximum coverage from common risks with the proper payment.

Nevertheless, in order to protect your well being will be the ultimate necessity. For that reason, AIG, as well as its agents, have always been working hard to maximize awareness of the power of health insurance. This effort looks like it’s fruitful given that the statistics of health insurance coverage and personal accident insurance subscription continues to be showing great growth.

Business Insurance

The domestic businesses’ expansion to overseas markets along with cost-effective transportation renders frequent travel the most recent norm. It has generated a growing interest in insurance to cover up individuals while making both domestic and international trips. To suit the demands, AIG Malaysia has offered an insurance plan with complete coverage to the customers.

For corporations, AIG has got a versatile risk management plan which can help them protect their business from unforeseeable losses. They are free to subscribe to any type of insurance, such as the property insurance, manufacturing related insurance, insurance correlated to financial lines, or simply group employee benefits insurance within their employees’ medical & health benefit with AIG.

AIG grasps well that corporate customers in manufacturing, education, creditors, import & export, construction, and even aviation market has different insurance plan desires; and it’s also fundamentally the sole factors like providing such degree of flexibility. Besides, it even pays attention to involve smaller scale businesses and aids them through giving SME Package to entitled for companies.

Hence, individuals and firms that happen to be keen to subscribe to AIG Malaysia’s insurance policy can go to their site and request an insurance quote. Especially if they need more personal assistance, customers can get information about agents situated in a nearby location and get a scheduled visit set.

Taking innovation in marketing one stage further, AIG Malaysia has recently worked together with Lazada that provides online insurance purchases within their partner’s platform. With the way, customers may have a more friendly online shopping experience since their insurance policies are usually approved within Three days upon successful purchase and registration. Take a peek at to find out more about auto insurance.