Nowadays, electronics and electrical equipment suppliers succeed in developing cutting edge innovations that revolutionize how we live. Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia is among one of these companies who has stood out amongst the best electrical and electronic equipment producers.

Great Tips To Have Electrical Appliances That Can Make World Greener

As the most developed country, Malaysia, Mitsubishi Electric begin to penetrate Malaysia share of the market and do knowledge and technology sharing with Malaysian. Established in 1989, Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia has marked its ground in Johor Bharu and expand the business to manufacture electrical appliance for Mitsubishi Electric products.

Air Conditioning System

Air-con system is one of the main highlights products from Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia, for example, inverter air conditioner. They offer you with the best ac mainly because the product quality is good and actually is eco-friendly. Their air cond has received the globe greatest recognition from Guinness World Record mainly because of the longest running cross-flow-fan air conditioning system brand.

Building System

Next, Mitsubishi Electric features building system for commercial and residential-like lifts, escalators, and moving walks. With R&D efforts, Mitsubishi is recognized to be the best brand just for this utility. They build the second tallest elevator testing tower in Inazawa City, Japan. Their products are reliable, safe, convenient and save power consumption.

inverter air conditioner

Factory Automation System

Moreover, they also offer great tools and items for automation and processing technologies, including controllers, drive products, power distribution, and control products. This benefits consumer that they could possibly get a high-quality outcome. Also, the factory can lower the manufacturing cost and will eventually achieve target output more effectively.

Home Product

Additionally to air cond, they also well-known using their home products include things like a fan, refrigerator, water pump, freezer, and fridge. No douth these particular products make our life easier and even more comfortable. Their house products are always highly recommended as the performance are fantastic. What is more, their products are secure and include law.


In conjunction with getting the entire world a more rewarding place to live and create a greener environment, Mitsubishi Electric has put vigorous effort into this. Their product assists in making our life easier without alter the environment and people. They always are certain their manufacturing process, products, and people are not likely to impact on the environment.

Research & Development

Mitsubishi Electric has not stopped in creating and innovating new technology that helps to create a better and greener world. You can find multiple R&D centers that have been build up to support this mission like the Advanced Technology R&D Centre and Information Technology R&D Centre. These R&D centers are putting an emphasis on multiple segments to create their goals.


In conclusion, Mitsubishi Electric puts a bunch of efforts in electrical and electronic innovation. They always are sure that they improve their technologies and services by applying creativity to all areas of their business, and improve the overall quality of our own life. If interested, visit their web page now at to find out about Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia.

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