3 Reasons To Move Away From Home

3 Reasons To Move Away From Home

July 31, 2018 Off By MH

Moving away is all about learning and independence. It can be a very enriching period in our life which grants us the freedom that we have always wanted. As a matter of fact, it allows us to meet a lot of awesome new people and broaden our horizons as we go along with life. Here are three reasons why moving away is a good thing for you.

You get to know yourself better

Let’s talk about personal space and development. Building an intimate relationship with yourself and getting to know thyself better is worth more than anything. You will discover who you truly are, what you want, and don’t want. There won’t be distractions and influences around you, which includes close friends, family or surroundings you grew up and taught to believe in.

Overall, it is an eye-opener, especially if the place is further away from home. Eventually, you’ll learn to have an outsider’s perspective and see things that will make you rethink and understand your own self and culture inside out.

You learn to build connections and network

We grew up with multiple of networks surrounding us like family, family friends, friends of friends, school, university, work and many more. But, when you move to another city, you don’t have the luxury of these networks. Don’t worry, you can still keep up with one another through social media sites when you use Digi Internet Cili Padi. Missing the people who have been in your life the longest is a terrible feeling, yet you need to move to another phase of your life. You’ll slowly learn to build it up especially for work, career progression, and business. For the most part, it is challenging on the first few tries. However, once you’ve accomplished that, you will become confident to do it all over again.

As long as you are still connected with people back home, then everything shall be fine. In fact, you can learn to interact digitally through Digi Super Tererrr plan which provides you as low as RM15 for a week usage! Picking up the skills of communication among people you don’t really know yet will allow you to break into the circle of connection and slowly establish yourself into the new city.

You become self-reliant

Being away from your family home means you have to do everything on your own. That will include doing your own laundry, paying the bills, dealing with complicated visa arrangements, or preparing documents and more. You become responsible because you only have yourself to trust and do things for yourself. Mummy and daddy can’t help you anymore. Your friends can’t help you. No one can help you, except yourself.

This is the time for growth and realising the actions that you do every day. You will be in control of the situation and everything that happens around you and to you. As a matter of fact, nothing is going to be delivered to you anymore on a silver platter. You’ll be learning to spot and create opportunities when you notice them. The most important part of this journey is to understand that you are the one who makes things to happen, or else nothing else moved.

It doesn’t sound too bad

Sometimes, being away allows for better things to come. You’ll miss your family and friends back home even more and start to appreciate them more when they’re no longer in your sight. However, it is definitely a great lifetime experience that prepares you for what’s coming ahead of you. For more information on Digi, visit https://new.digi.com.my/prepaid-addons.