MyDigi App review: Best Internet Add On process

MyDigi App review: Best Internet Add On process

August 27, 2019 Off By MH

I’ve been a DIGI user for almost six years now and I plan to be loyal to this telco provider. I find that their service is the best, they have good deals and their internet speed is up to my expectations. At the moment, I’m based somewhere that’s more remote and I find their reception is also pretty clear.

Due to the nature of my location and work, I find that my monthly quota that comes with my postpaid plan is usually not enough. Sometimes, I have to get an internet add on to get by until the next renewal date. This is not a big problem but I do find the process of having to message DIGI every time quite outdated. Plus, there was no way I could track my data usage so I would run out of internet suddenly, much to my annoyance. 

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I found out about the MyDigi App through an ad online. I went to their site and what attracted me to the app was the internet tracking feature. I downloaded the app and was delighted to see the app display the remaining data I had for the month! Not only that, I see that bill payment for my postpaid plan, could also be done through the app! That’s really convenient and will help me when things get a bit hectic. 

Another huge plus point for me is how easy it is for me to get internet add on. I no longer have to message complicated and strange codes to add another 2GB to my plan when the time comes. All I have to do is go on the app and select which internet add on package is suitable for me. I’ll then have to make payment and I can immediately enjoy extra quota on my phone! It’s so easy and great since my work heavily depends on being connected!

Downloading the MyDigi App was a great decision since it has dramatically improved the way I manage and control my service provider. My transactions are smoother and there are less complicated steps, especially in the process of getting an internet add on! If you’re a DIGI user and you have not known about this, do check out their website. When you’ve decided to download it, you can do so from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.