PUMA Shoes For Every Occasion

The right footwear should feel and look great. Whether it’s for sports, working out or just a casual affair, there is a pair of PUMA shoes for everything, especially white sports shoes. Read on to know more about which pairs would go well with each occasion.


Footwear for Performance

Whether it’s basketball, golf or football, PUMA lets you excel on the field. Move fast and swiftly on the basketball court with the PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt. Got a long day ahead on the golf course? PUMA’s golf shoes give you a solid grip for better stability and the perfect swing. Your sports performance will always be on point with PUMA shoes.

Train Well With The Right Pair

If your ‘me time’ is working out at the gym, the right pair of gym shoes gives you protection, comfort and support for your fitness goals. That’s why PUMA training and gym shoes are built to be versatile to accommodate your training programme. Check out what this fellow gym enthusiast has to say about PUMA Zone XT, a pair of women’s training shoes for maximum comfort and performance

Shoes For Business and Play

As a brand, PUMA’s blend of comfort and sleek, eye-catching designs have made their shoes favoured outside of sports and gym circles. The rise in streetwear and athleisure styles means that more people wear sneakers to work, classes, dates and even parties. PUMA shoes have become somewhat of a fashion staple, reinforced by collaborations with celebrities like Rihanna, The Weeknd and Cara Delevigne.

Don’t Forget The Sliders!

Sneakers and trainers aren’t your thing? Opt for a pair of slides or sandals instead! PUMA carries a range of slides and sandals that come in various shapes, colours and designs to fit into your day-to-day style. Guaranteed to be comfy, this footwear is lightweight and much more durable than other PUMA shoes, making it perfect for daily wear.

PUMA Shoes for Everything

From trainers to flip-flops to sports shoes, PUMA has all kinds of footwear for your active needs. Head over to the nearest PUMA Malaysia store to try on a few pairs to see which ones fit you best. If you want to view the whole catalogue, including footwear for kids, clothes and more, visit their website here https://my.puma.com/ .