RHB Bank’s Products & Services: Credit Card & More

September 19, 2019 Off By MH

RHB Bank happens to be one of the most comprehensive integrated financial services group in Malaysia. Along with the vision to further increase its market share in the South East Asia region, they have until recently ventured into 10 countries which comprises of Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Singapore, to name a few. To be able to make business expansion just as possible, lots of services have been provided to the public to accommodate both the business and personal needs.

By far the most staple form of services a financial institution provides is definitely the cover account and self-banking services. RHB attracts the public to create savings as well as current account by offering above average interest rate to be enjoyed by customers. For maximal convenience to withdraw and deposit money into the account, members can easily locate and use the nearby ATM & CDM machines deployed in branches together with other locations easily.

RHB Bank knows that more people make purchases online compared to using cash nowadays. According to the data collected, it is observed that more web users would rather purchase using credit cards. For this reason, the Bank causes it to be essential to serve the potential customers better by giving credit card services with superb rewards. Smart customers who compare credit cards incredibly carefully knows that RHB’s interest rate is some of the lowest.

RHB Bank

What is more, as RHB Bank sees the urgent need to compose a good balance between supply and demand, they now have developed a credit card plan that promises more advantage to the card holders that will be enjoyed once they use it for either offline or online transactions.

Individuals will definitely demand more than credit cards and saving accounts, and RHB recognizes that well. Today, many have struggled to obtain a loan to purchase assets which include homes & cars. Therefore, the Bank proceeded to set-up a personal loan structure that benefits all sides at the lowest interest rate for various loan types. What’s more, individuals might also subscribe various types of insurance policy and make financial investment with the Bank.

For business owners and organizational entities, RHB Bank is providing corporate banking facilities. They are able engage with the Bank either for investment banking or even to make business loan. Whenever the customers are interested, they even can subscribe to RHB Bank’s online cash management services.

These types of services are especially helpful for small-medium enterprises, as lots of kinds of services including loans can be made to gain more capital in their businesses. For e-commerce business owners, retails solutions is essentially the most innovative and beneficial services they’re now able to subscribe.

Nevertheless, RHB Bank hasn’t overlooked the need for Islamic banking facilities. In Malaysia, Syariah-compliant product or service are highly demanded. Therefore, products and services such as wealth management, unit trust, Islamic treasury, and corporate banking are particularly developed to assure that all transactions adhere to the Syariah requirement.

In 2016, the Bank managed to expand the growth of their annual brand value by 24%, which automatically causes them to be the 4th fastest growing banking industry player in Malaysia. Given that they anticipate the upcoming year’s financial market potential, RHB Bank has started strategizing to develop more impactful campaigns in the foreseeable future.