Which Type of Flooring Should You Get?

Which Type of Flooring Should You Get?

October 12, 2018 Off By MH

The flooring of your house is a crucial part of your home. After all, it covers a significant surface area of your house. The feel and look of your home will be affected by the types of flooring you choose.

Different types of flooring have their pros and cons. Depending on the room and your preferences, there are various kinds of floorings you can choose.

Do you know all them?


Some people may say hardwood floorings are the best; they’re long-lasting, warm, and aesthetically pleasing.

While hardwood floors are great for living rooms and hallways, it is not recommended for any places that have lots of traffic or frequently gets wet such as bathrooms or laundry rooms.

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Ceramic tile

This kind of flooring is commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and sunrooms. Besides a little maintenance by sealing the grout, ceramic tiles are durable and versatile. They come in different colors, and you can decorate the floor with patterns.

However, ceramic tile floorings take a lot of effort to install and requires a suitable subfloor and cement board or tile backer base. It’s also better to have non-slip tiles for safety.


The materials for vinyl floorings are usually acrylic, PVC and similar polymers. They come in a variety of styles, durable and cheap.

Due to its materials, vinyl floorings may have that plastic look. They are also not environmentally-friendly.

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Many homeowners like carpet floorings as they are warm and beautiful. They also absorb sounds, which makes them suitable for the upper-floors of a multistory house.

Carpet floorings are easily permanently damaged by stains, spills, and moisture. That is why people never install them in bathrooms or kitchens.


Best for living areas, cork floorings is a renewable resource harvested from trees. It’s warm, resilient and comfortable underfoot.

Just like hardwood floors, they’re not suitable for wet places. Sharp objects can also tear it, and high heels may dent it.


There are many types of flooring you can choose for your perfect home. It is crucial to do research and consider the style of your home before installing any of the floorings stated above.

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